A Fancy & Tantalizing Night with Hotel Gran Mahakam

Being around South Jakarta especially Blok M area was something rare to me. I am the one who considered to go there only on weekend since you know the traffic from and to Blok M area on after office hours was horrible. Unless, I have something urgent or something priceless like I experienced last week. Yup, being invited by the most prestigious boutiques style hotel on Mahakam, Blok M, was the thing that I couldn’t miss. So, here I am at Hotel Gran Mahakam, formerly Sofitel Jakarta, located at the hippest hangout distructs Jalan Mahakam 1 No. 6. As a boutique hotel, Gran Mahakam doesn’t have wide lobby but they have very romantic lobby I’ve ever seen. Implementing European-baroque-style-architecture, the lobby was designed with every fancy things related to semi-victorian and baroque style. I love the ambience so much. Well, I’m not going to talk about the service or the room of the hotel more since I’m here for, of course, their restaurant hahaha…I was here to know closely their two signature restaurants, Le Gran Cafe and AOKI Japanese Cuisine. 

Just a prolog, Le Gran
Cafe actually is the hotel buffet restaurant serving breakfast, lunch to dinner
with some sort of classic modern look to pamper its customers and delectable
array of Indonesian and International cuisines, while AOKI Japanese Cuisine is
a Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese delicacies. In this occasion,
I was lucky to taste several best menu of those restaurants with several food
bloggers and Gran Mahakam team. The dinner was held in one private room of Le
Gran Cafe and started with such a tricky but super funny game by Gran Mahakam
Team. We were blind folded with a tie to guess the food served by the team. It
was simply challenging since we have to eat and guess what is it hahaha…
After the games, we’re ready for the dinner yay! So, here the best menus of those two restaurants I tried that night. 


Gado-gado Padang

Never thought that Padang has this kind of dish like Jakarta’s. The filing is mostly the same, fresh mixed vegetables consist of lettuce, long bean, bean sprouts, tofu, cabbage, and slices of egg. The difference is only on their peanut sauce. Theirs was quite sweet and thicker, a lil bit similar with the taste of ‘Mi/Rujak Juhi’, a signature dish of Jakarta too. Simply fresh for your opening lunch at Le Gran Cafe.


Fresh Crab Hand Roll

I always skeptical about Japanese food especially sushi since for me sushi is not only about the taste but the uniqueness inside and not all Japanese resto I found served that kind of things. Fortunately, AOKI proves that they’re not only revealed itself as the most stylish dining venue in the city, but also they’ve uniqueness to offer the customers like this one, Fresh Crab Hand Roll. The first sushi hand roll I’ve ever tried wrapped with super thin yet chewy soy paper and filled with fresh crab meat, Japanese rice, and fresh tuna and top. Eat it from below side, and yo’ll find the rest very heavenly. A VERY MUST TRY when you pay a visit to AOKI.

Soto Padang

This soup is one of the famous dish at Le Gran Cafe. Over the street food in Jakarta, not all served the authentic Soto Padang, sometimes I got the soup was only kind of ‘soto bening’ I met in ‘soto ayam’. but thanks Le Gran Cafe which made it very authentic even the angel hair, potato, jerked beef and pink ‘kerupuk’ characterized the authentic Soto Padang. 

Main Course

Nasi Daun Jeruk

If only I could write a food review with two choices TASTY or NOT TASTY, I could frankly said this one BEYOND WORDS! This Nasi Daun Jeruk even made me proud to be Indonesian and you should did too. Our Nation was indeed has the world’s best signature cuisines. The whole plate of Nasi Daun Jeruk was made everyone wanna said ‘Ya ampun ini enak banget’ or ‘Ya ampun ini Indonesia banget’ hahaha. But it’s true! I love their rice which was perfectly cooked with fragrant lime leaves and the smell was so soooo arising my taste bud and so did the complement ayam masereh; shredded chicken with chili sauce, mixed vegetables with anchovies, squid with green chili sauce, jerked beef, satay, dried potato and Gran Mahakam’s signature peanut brittle . Pssst, if you happened to visit Le Gran Cafe nad want to try this one, ensure you call the staff before to ensure whether this one available or not, coz this gorgeous dish is seasonal. 

Truffle Beef Bowl

I love everything cooked with truffle as if everything turns soooo delectable with it. And so does this Truffle Beef Bowl, a bowl of heaven, the Chef even added the truffle oil into the rice and it turned sooo delectably delicious! A must try when you visit AOKI. 

Es Tape Hijau

Mixed of tape ketan, tape singkong, kopyor, kolang
kaling with milk, coconut milk and syrup. Simple dessert that reminds me of the rich heritage of Indonesian culinary. 

Mochi Ice Cream

Thanks to God he created such great ingredients like green tea which now turns into something edible in anything ahahaha…This mochi ice cream was just a perfect combination of mochi (japanese sticky rice) and green tea ice cream. Simply perfect for closing your dinner.  

Dinner in the-5-star hotel supposed to be great and indeed having dinner here was beyond great! Thank you so much Gran Mahakam Hotel for this chance. Sure I’m gonna back for your Sunday Brunch, Gonna missing your Nasi Daun Jeruk sooo much!

daily      :           06.00 a.m. – 12.00 midnight
Buffet             :           Lunch:
12.00 noon – 2.30 p.m.
                                    Dinner: 6.00
p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
daily      :           Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.
Dinner: 06:00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.
Reservations is recommended


Jalan Mahakam I no.6, Blok M, Jakarta 12130
Tel                   : (62 – 21) –
720 99 66

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