Cake-A-Boo, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Tell me I’m so out-of-date. Tell me I’m too late. Tell me I’m not a hipster. Tell me I’m not ‘Anak Gaul Jakarta’ or whatever you named it but hey it’s also too late to eat a cake? I guess not hahaha…The first statements might be all right since I’m the one who lives far far away from Pantai Indah Kapuk area and don’t even have enough time to go there unless I have something urgent. I know now that PIK become a second largest food area after Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta or now even the leading one. Most of the happening restaurants and desserts shop settled there. Everyone talking, instagramming or even just blabbering. Yup, PIK become the city-never-sleep rite now. And now just to make sure that I’m-not-that-so-2009 hahaha, I asked my sister and her boyfriend to hangout around PIK and visited one of the famous cake shop there, Cake-a Boo. 

Been hearing their popularity of cute and specialty cakes from food blogs and instagram, I guaranteed that they’re indeed sooo cute. Look at all the interior photos I took. Everything just like in the Alice and the Wonderland movie, ups no I thought it’s more like I’m in Hansel & Gretel set and founding that surprisingly trapping Candy House hahaha. This cake shop was actually kidnapped me into my childhood year. Their concept of making a true cake shop was beyond unusual. They attract the customers with ‘childhood-things’. Colorful chairs, cartoon paintings, unique and cute hanging lamps, cute menu book, and oh can you see that cake conveyor? Isn’t it fantastic idea? I feel like I’m eating in sushi restaurant, I wouldn’t be so guilty to take as much sushi as I can in the conveyor, but here, too not take that as much as I could load the cake, was beyond guilty hahaha. It’s soooo guilty pleasure cake shop. Gees, I thought I shouldn’t have that-sweetooth-kind-of-person, but hey just forget it one momen and just give it a try, right!

I actually found difficulties in deciding which cakes I should take. They’re all just look sooo delish and too-cute-to-be-true. Well, Cake-A-Boo not only have selections of cakes, they also have ice cream and milkshakes, but since I was here for their cake, so I picked the waiter’s recommendation, the Magic Carrot Cake and Miko’s Cake. 

Magic Carrot (35K)

Don’t imagine this is a real carrot even though every single appearance is perfectly similar. This one is a dynamite with a carrot shape. I found a rich orange velvet flavor cream with light texture inside a crunchy waffle cone covered with orange magic sprinkles. See, this supposed to be an-orange-thing, but Cake-A-Boo just make it unique. I love how they made the cream is very light and not too sweet so I could stand it until the last bites of the waffle. A must try! 

Miko’s Cake (35K)

I took this from the cake-conveyor. Just because I thought he’s so cute with a cute lion figure. Inside the crunchy caramel dome is a caramel mousse with salted caramel sauce. I found their put much salted caramel inside which for me not too ‘that’ salty. I thought the caramel itself just overpower the whole flavor and became too sweet for my palate. 

I  wish I could save another room for another desserts at my tummy, but unfortunately after those two cakes I feel full but sure I’m not feel that guilty. I just feel I should come here with more empty tummy so that I could try more than two choices of cakes. Anyway, got a very good impression here. It’s a good place just to hangout around, chilling your weekend, or even dating (but make sure your BF or GF loves cakes too hahaha, if not you know what I mean). Price also wise for a good portion of cake and other desserts. You can enjoy selections of cakes from IDR30,000 to IDR40,000 and drinks from IDR15,000 to IDR35,000.

Ruko Garden House BlokB22
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 11.00AM – 10.00PM
                          Friday – Saturday 11.00AM – 11.00PM

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