Enjoying Peruvian Cuisine at Its Best

Yesterday I was
invited to join in a blogger gathering celebrating the opening of a new
restaurant joiner in one of the hippest hangout area in Pondok Indah, Street
Gallery-Pondok Indah Mall 3. I always happy when it comes to something new and
unique rather than new but so so. I mean you know, most of the new restaurants
in Jakarta now only focus on the theme and the decor, as long as it’s
instragammable and gather the hype of Jakarta’s patrons, everything will look “unique”
without minding the food served, which is more important for the establishment
of the restaurant.

Well, sorry for my
dramatic thought, let’s start talking this new baby which is good in name also,
Pavela. This is the first-ever Peruvian restaurant in Jakarta (I thought in
Indonesia, CMIIW since I’ve never heard any Peru’s authentic restaurant before
anywhere in Indonesia). Pavela, wholly owned by Henalda Group, serving original
Peruvian cuisine with fresh ingredients from Peru and modified with some
Indonesian’s ingredients to give the world’s culinary hunter satisfy feeling in
enjoying authentic Peru’s cuisine right in Jakarta.
Not only the authentic
Peruvian cuisine, Pavela also brought us to enjoy Peru’s atmosphere  here. The ambiance is set very warm, with
yellowish lighting and black and white colour in overall interior. The pictures
of Peruvian people in frames and a mural of Macchu Picchu, Peru’s historical and
ancient city, also adding a real atmosphere of Peru.

So, for the opening
treat, Pavela gave us a refreshing Peru’s national drink which is a very MUST
TRY, named Pisco Sour (45K). This drink was made from fusion of lime, egg
white, brown sugar and cinnamon. A lil bit sour but super refreshing!

For appetizers,  Yucca Fritas (40K) was the BOMB!. Actually
this is only a crunchy cassava, but the dipping called ‘aji verde’ was between
hell and heaven. A combination of cilantro, lime, and ‘secret ingredients’
resulting a spicy flavor like wasabi but surprisingly addicting when I dipped
the cassava in it. Can’t stop munching this snacks!
Another tasty of
appetizers you can choose are as follow:
Papas Fritas (40K). Butter
french fries with ‘aji verde’
Pavela Wings (55K). Marinated crunchy bone-in chicken wings with pavela tarter dipping.
Causa Limena (45K). Traditional Peruvian style. Seasoned mashed potato terrine topepd with shredded
chicken breast, onions, Japanese cucumber, and ‘aji verde’

Move to the main
course. Peruvian cuisine is actually dominated with ‘carbo-things’. You can see
rice and cassava get together in one plate like in this Pollo A La Brasa (95K).
In one plate, you can find slow-roasted Peruvian spiced chicken leg quarter,
fresh green vegetables, yucca fritas and cilantro butter rice. I simply love
the buttery rice. Moist and fragrant in the same time.

If you want something sweet, Pollo
Saltado (85K)
might be the best choice. This one actually similar
with Pollo A La Brasa, combining butter rice and yucca fritas but with
caramelized onion for the chicken, resulting more sweet sensation for non-spicy

My favorite would be
this Nikkei Chicken (80K)
Crunchy chicken leg
topped with special Nikkei sauce which is sweet like a maple syrup, cilantro
butter rice and Pavela tartar. I can not explain how heaven this was, the one
thing I love was eating savory chicken with shot of sweet sauce has never been
so good before!
And this one also,
Jalea (95K). Peruvian fish & chips, fresh salad, papas fritas, with ‘aji
verde’ and salsa criolla dipping. I simply love how crunchy the Dory fish
outside and super moist inside.
Another choice you can
try is this  Chicharron De Pollo (80K).
Crispy chicken breast with salsa criolla, cream de rocoto, fresh greens and
cilantro butter rice.


 Don’t skip the dessert
since Pavela also serves selection of great Peruvian style’s dessert.

Who doesn’t love
popsicles?! Ouch, I bet you’re gonna love this. Frozen banana topped with dark chocolate
coatingand roasted crushed peanuts served with vanilla ice cream. Childhood
I expected something
ooey gooey from this dark choco cake unfortunately they’re served frozen so it’s
really hard to cut the cake. The hint of melted marshmallow inside made my
feeling better to enjoy the rest of the cake.  

Overall, I love having
lunch here. Friendly and fast service with reasonable price and proportional
portion. So, if you’re someone who loves traveling and wishing to visit Peru
someday, visiting Pavela might be a good start before you enjoy the real Peru.
Congratulation again Pavela. Wishing you have a great journey ahead!

Street Gallery Ground
Floor #13
Jl. Metro Pondok
Indah, Jakarta Selatan

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