How Do I Contact the IRS?

One of the most annoying questions that I get asked is “How do I contact the IRS?” I find it absolutely bewildering that someone would ask me this question, considering all of the billions of dollars in tax debt we have accumulated over the years. The IRS can be contacted by mail, phone call, or even e-mail. However, the IRS website is generally regarded as the most reliable information source on the net for anyone needing to locate the nearest brick and mortar office of the IRS. So where do I begin? Well, first off you need to know exactly how to contact the IRS.

When you log into the IRS website, you will see a web page with a link to a form for filing your tax return. Simply click on the appropriate icon or click on” Forms,” then on” Instructions for Filing.” Under the “Instructions for Filing” section you will find several options. To find the contact information for the person or department you are looking for, click on the” Forms” tab, and then find the option for “Contact the IRS.” Once there, you can fill in your contact information and file your tax return.

If you need assistance finding a phone number or an address, you may want to look in the telephone book or seek out an IRS Tax Professional. They will assist you in any area that you need help with. Believe it or not, the IRS offers a free consultation for taxpayers who find themselves in a tax problem, and they are easily found via their website.

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