How to Rent A Motorcycle in Bali

How to rent motorcycle motorbike in Bali Kuta Ubud Seminyak
Lois Morton – How to Rent A Motorcycle in Bali. Transportation can be one of the most expensive things in Bali and it becomes one the tourism business Balinese depend on. Bali is very popular tourist destination, but believe it or not, there is no reliable public transportation available to get around easily (and cheaply) for travelers and visitors. The best option then is just to rent a motorcycle as your own transportation.

Motorcycle or motorbike is ubiquitous in Bali, since it is the main transportation in the island. It is the easiest (and can be the cheapest) way to get around in Bali, if you can ride a motorbike. Many popular and amazing destinations in Bali are hours/tens kilometers away by car from the town/tourist center, so it is not a good idea to walk or cycling there :D. The cheapest option then is to rent a motorcycle and ride it yourself, and you are free to explore Bali on your pace!

If you want to rent a bike (motorbike/motorcycle) in Bali, there are many bike rentals in tourist areas to choose from. For example in Kuta, you can find bike rentals in Legian Street, north of Bali Bomb Monumen (in Indonesian, ‘Tugu Peringatan Bom Bali’) in front of Indomaret Convenient Point. It is quite ‘informal’ bike rentals, no booth/building whatsoever, so you need to haggle with the guy there for the rate, and they may try to overprice you. Be informed with the standard price and be firm with your desired rate. If they still don’t agree with your price after some time haggling, then just walk away. You can find another place or they may change mind and call you back.

If you want something more certain and get more confident in your deal, then just ask your hotel front desk where you stay if they can help you rent a motorbike. Most of hostels/hotels also provides tourist services like day tour, shuttle bus, and car/bike rent, and you can booking from them. If you want to be independent and do it yourself, you can also head to one of many small booths labelled ‘Tourist Information’ or ‘Bla bla bla Tour’ in tourist areas like along Legian Street, Poppies II Lane in Kuta, and Kuta Beach street in Kuta, and Monkey Forest Street in Ubud. They are travel company branch/agent, not official tourist information, but they can help you book the service.
The standard rate for renting a motorcycle in Bali is 50,000 IDR per day for local visitors (they may charge more to foreign tourists), and it sometimes include 1 L gasoline if you go to the right place to rent it ;). You can also get a cheaper price if you want to rent for more than 1 day. Discuss it with them. The motorcycle type for this price is usually a scooter (Honda Mio/Suzuki Vario), and the rate is higher for more expensive motorbike types, like the fancy ones. To rent a motorbike in Bali, you usually only need to hand them your official ID/Passport as a guarantee. Don’t forget to check or try your motorbike to make sure that it works fine. And also remember, you will also get a helmet to use with this motorbike, no added fee.

After everything is finished and you get your motorbike, then you are free to explore. Just take your smartphone and GPS with you, point where you want to go, and follow the direction. You are ready to go! Happy adventuring!

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