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ON JUNE…. , 2015


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Chair Person of English Letters


Polce Aryanto Bessie, S. S., M. Hum.

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This thesis is respectfully dedicated to:

My beloved parents Yohanes Geli and Anastasia D.
Bili how big their sacrifices to me, How hard their effort to finance my
schooling, and how many times they pray to me.

My beloved elder
sisters, Nona, Ance, Rinda and my young
rother Andri.

l  And
all my friends in Kupang who have given me unforgettable friendship and


Firstly, the writer would
like to give thanks to the Lord almighty and holy marry for his blessing and
guidance, the writer is able to complete this thesis. Secondly the writer also
would like to thanks to:

Drs. Gregorius
Sudaryono, M. Hum; as the first supervisor who has guided as long doing this
Thesis writing and the head of Foreign Studies Cakrawala Nusantara Kupang.

Adrianus Ngongo, SPd;
as the second supervisor who has guided me as kindly spent time to give such
contribution to the writer.

Polce Aryanto Bassie,
S.S M. Hum; as the chairperson of English Department Of Institute Foreign
Language Studies Cakrawala Nusantara Kupang, and all of the lecturers, thanks a
lot for the valuable knowledge.

My beloved Father and
for prays, loves, supports, understandings, cares, and affections. My beloved
sister, brother and all members of my families, many thanks for your endless
love and pray.

All of my friends in STIBA CNK specially eight semester students
Nana, Ejzon, Arifin, Mamy, Mario, Tito, Jordy, Yulin, thank for your sharing in
doing any confusing assignment, And all people who have helped me to finish
this thesis, which I cannot mention one by one.

I invite the reader’s suggestions and critics responding to the presence of my
thesis. I hope that this research will give many advantages to all of people
who much concern in English language.



Language is
social phenomena, obviously every human has own style in communication. Growing
science and human’s need the rule of language is not only as tool of simple
communication but also it is used as tool to persuade and influence people to
do something. Moreover, it is believed that a good speaker will get the success
on their aim depend on how well people use word, how they talk to the other.
Furthermore, advertisement language becomes social phenomena in marketing level
nowadays. The ability of persuading and impressing people desire in certain
situation makes the researcher as linguistic students anxious about the kinds
of language are used in advertisement. Even advertisement as tool of selling
product has own style to make the message creative and effective in certain
ways. By this reason, the researcher is encouraged to analyses language style
in advertisement, for she wants to develop her ability in selecting the
appropriate word in certain purpose, especially in advertisement level.

This research
uses a descriptive qualitative research because the researcher effort to
analyze and discuss the utterance which differential language style in Newsweek
magazine advertisement. Analyzing language style in this study the researcher
use Wells as main theory, and Mott as the second theory. The data are in the
form of utterances selected from Newsweek magazine advertisement which is
published on
December, January, February, May, 11th, 18th, 25th2015. Furthermore, there are three kind of
advertisement in Newsweek magazine, such as educational advertisement, business
advertisement and advertisement. However, the researcher selects all of them as
research subject.

The result of
this study shows that language style in Newsweek magazine advertisement is
classified into soft sell style, hard sell style, straightforward style,
problem solution style, comparison style, and newsy style. However, the most
dominant of language style found in Newsweek magazine advertisement is hard
sell style. It means advertisement of Newsweek magazine prefer rational
information rather than emotional information, although in some case both of
them come together.

The key word:
Language style In
magazine advertisement.


Bahasa adalah fenomena sosial. Jelas setiap manusia
memiliki gaya komunikasi yang be
rbeda-beda. Dengan berkembangnya Ilmu
pengetahuan saat ini manusia memiliki aturan bahasa tidak hanya sebagai alat
komunikasi sederhan, tetapi juga digunakan sebagai alat untuk membujuk dan
mempengaruhi orang untuk melakukan sesuatu. Selain itu diyakini bahwa pembicara
yang baik akan mendapatkan kesuksesan pada tujuan mereka tergantung pada
seberapa baik orang menggunakan kata, bagaimana mereka berbicara dengan yang
lain, dengan kata lain, gaya bahasa dalam komunikasi. Selain itu, bahasa iklan
menjadi fenomena sosialdi level marketing saat ini, kemampua membujuk dan
membuat orang terkesan oleh keinginan dalam situasi tertentu membuat peneliti
sebagai mahasiswa linguistik ragu tentang jenis bahasa yang digunakan dalam
iklan. Bahkan iklan sebagai alat untuk menjual produk memiliki gaya tersendiri
untuk membuat pesan yang kreatif dan efektif dengan cara tertentu. Dengan
alasan ini, peneliti di dorong untuk menganalisis gaya bahasa dalam iklan,
karena peneliti ingin mengembangkan kemampuannya dalam memilih kata yang tepat
dalam tujuan tertentu terutama di tingkat iklan.

ini menggunakan penelitian deskriptif kualitatif karena upaya peneliti untuk
menganalisis dan membahas ucapan yang membedakan gaya bahasa dalam iklan
majalah mingguan. Menganalisis gaya bahasa dalam penelitian ini, peneliti
menggunakan teori wells sebagai teori utama, dan Mott sebagai teori kedua. Data
dalam bentuk ucapan yang dipilih dari iklan majalah mingguan yang diterbitkan
pada bulan Desember 2014, januari, februari, may, tanggal, 11,18, 25, 2015.
Selain itu, ada tiga jenis iklan di majalah mingguan, diantaranya iklan
pendidikan, iklan bisnis, dan iklan koran. Namun peneliti memilih semuanya
sebagai subjek penelitian.

penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa gaya bahasa dalam iklan majalah mingguan di
klasifikasikan menjadi gaya lembut, gaya keras, gaya langsung, gaya masalah dan
solusi, gaya perbandingan, dan gaya tukang koran. Namun gaya bahasa yang paling
dominan yang ditemukan dalam iklan majalah mingguan yaitu gaya keras. Ini
berarti iklan majalah mingguan memiliki informasi rasional yang lebih dari pada
informasi emosional, meskipun dalam beberapa kasus keduanya datang

Kata Kunci: Gaya bahasa
dalam iklan majalah mingguan.



COVER …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. i

APPROVAL SHEET …………………………………………………………………………………. ii

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MOTTO……………………………………………………………………………………………………. iv

DEDICATIO……………………………………………………………………………………………. iv

ACKNOWLEDGMENT…………………………………………………………………………….. v

ABSTRACT……………………………………………………………………………………………… vi

ABSTRAKSI…………………………………………………………………………………………… vii

TABLE OF CONTENTS…………………………………………………………………………….. x

I INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………….. 1

1.1 Background……………………………………………………………………………….. 1

1.2 Research
Problem……………………………………………………………………….. 3

1.3 Objective of
The Study……………………………………………………………….. 4 

1.4Significance of the Study……………………………………………………………… 4

1.5 Scope and
Limitation of Study…………………………………………………….. 4

1.6 Organization
of study………………………………………………………………….. 5


Review of Literature……………………………………………………………………. 6

2.2 The Element of Style…………………………………………………………………… 8

2.2.1 Diction……………………………………………………………………………… 8
Denotation……………………………………………………………… 9
Connotation……………………………………………………………. 9

2.2.2 Imagery…………………………………………………………………………… 10
Hyperbole…………………………………………………………….. 10 Metaphor……………………………………………………………… 10
Personification………………………………………………………. 10

2.2.3 Syntax…………………………………………………………………………….. 11

Kind Of Language Style……………………………………………………………. 13

Function of Language Style……………………………………………………….. 17

Advertisement………………………………………………………………………….. 19

2.5.1 The Function of Advertisement…………………………………………. 19

Language of Advertisement………………………………………………. 22

Advertising in Magazine…………………………………………………… 24

The Advantage of Advertising in Magazine………………………… 25


Research Design ………………………………………………………………………. 27

3.2 Research
Subject……………………………………………………………………….. 28

Research Instrument………………………………………………………………….. 28

Research Procedure…………………………………………………………………… 29

Data Analysis……………………………………………………………………………. 29


4.1 Data Analysis……………………………………………………………………………. 31

4.2 Data Findings……………………………………………………………………………. 50

CHAPTER V CONCLUSION………………………………………………………………… 52

5.1 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………… 52

5.2 Suggestion………………………………………………………………………………… 54

BIBLIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………………………………… 55



1.1 Background of the

of language has been discussed for over 2000 years by many linguists in the
world such how human being comes to have it, how they used in the society, and
how it changes and develops are being included. It is because language appears
to be a unique human attribute that other species have not. Even language is a
fundamental aspect in every human activity either in social, politic or
economic. There by through language, human express their feeling, idea,
thought, and whatever exists in mind. It means whatever in our mind can be
reflected by the language we use. While language is not limited only in spoken
it can be expressed by written.

There are two types of language which is
used by human as a means of communication, such spoken and written language.
Spoken language is an utterance in the form of sound. For example conversation,
speech, discussion, radio and television broadcast. Written language is an
utterance in writing form that can be found in magazine, journal books,
newspapers, letter, etc. The rule of language is not only as tool of
communication but also it is used as tool to persuade and influence people to
do something. Human used varieties of style in different situation in order to
get most effective attention from the listener. Even human use different style
either in social or in the politic and economic aspect.

growth of technology, knowledge and human intelligence language shows more
varieties. Because language has a powerful influence over people and their
behaviors. This is especially true in the fields of marketing and advertising.
The choice of language to convey specific messages with the intention of
influencing people is vitally important. Language shows more persuasive,
creative, and imaginative to catches the people’s attention. Even, over the
years advertising has become more and more creative, which force many people to
do. Even advertisement language assumes can motivate and influence people in
various situation. Essentially goal of advertising to persuade people to buy or
at least to take some step has successfully in every time. In other word
selecting the word in advertisement has big impact to make it commercial.

the same time, advertisement language has own style in forming a phrase or
sentence, in which it very different in normal communication. One way in which
advertisers adapt language to their own use is to take compound words and use
them as adjectives. Examples of these compounds which have become part of the
English language are: top-quality, economy-size, chocolate
, feather-light and longer-lasting. But advertising
language may not always be “correct” language in the normal sense.
For example, comparatives are often used when no real comparison is made. An
advertisement for a detergent may say “It gets clothes whiter”, but
whiter than what? The real meaning of it just knows by the writer or advertiser
only. More over it is extremely importance in advertising language noun to be used
as a verb. For example “It’s been re-everything-ed” in this case the
new verb is also prefixed and suffixed, (http//
and advertising).

1.2. Research Problems

the background of study explained, the researcher formulates research the

What types of languages
style are used in “Newsweek magazine”


2. What is the most dominant language style are used in “Newsweek


1.3. Objective of the

study is intended for several objectives, as the following:

1.      To
identify and to describe the type of language style used in “Newsweek Magazine”

2.      To
know the meaning of language style, in Newsweek magazine advertisement, so that
the researcher and the reader know what stylistics of language are frequently
used by “Newsweek magazine” advertisement in persuading the reader.

1.4. Significance of
the Study

analyzing language style in advertisement of Newsweek magazine, the researcher
provides several purpose. The principal purpose of this study is to contribute
a richer and more systematic conceptual understanding of rhetorical structure
in advertising language. Furthermore, this study is presented for linguistics
students to develop their knowledge in language style. Equally important it is
very useful for other people who work in journalism, to know the language style
system in select and modify the sentence, that it will be an interesting and
effective language. And the last, the study of language style in advertisement
will give very significant contribution for many people to enrich their style
in communication that they can use a language style as in advertising.

1.5. Scope and
Limitation of study

this case the researcher focuses on analyzing the language style used in
advertisement of Newsweek magazine
published on December, January, February, May, 11th, 18th , 25th2015.
The researcher chooses all advertisement of Newsweek magazine, because the
researcher intends to know language style used in any kind of advertisement
either commercial or not. As the familiar known by many people that language in
advertisement frequently used persuasive language. Anyhow it doesn’t mean all
of the advertisement languages contain of emotional information which often
illustrate and manipulate language to be more persuasive. However advertisement
contains of social and critical message which delivered social phenomena by the
way of rational information use.

Organization of study

 This writing will consist of three chapters.
It will begin with general statements on the nature of the problem. The writer
point out some cases that become the reasons by the researcher to conduct this
research in chapter I, then, as the scientific work, some theories used by the
writer in the process of analyzing the data. The problem solved based on  The theory will be described in Chapter II.
In Chapter III the writer show some methods to be used in gathering and
analyzing the data collected. In order to reach the goal of the research, this
chapter is applied, so that, the analysis will be acceptable.



chapter concerns with the discussion of language style which is used as the
basic of this study. There are language style, the element of style, kind of
language style in advertisement, function of language style in advertisement,
the advertisement, and the previous study are discussed in this chapter.

2.1  Review of Related Literature

style is the way people manipulating, to other and controlling people in
interacting to other and it brings a message usually conveyed in words or
voice. In other words, language style is the way people to use the language in
communication, it can be written or oral language. Chaika (1982:29) gives
description of what style actually. She claims that style actually refers to
the selection of linguistics form to convey social or artistic effects. Style
also acts as a set of instruction. We manipulate other with style; even we are
manipulated ourselves whether consciously or unconsciously. In doing
communication people usually use formal or informal language which depend on
the situation they are communicating with others. Style also tells the listener
to take what is being said; seriously, ironically, humorously or in some other

To identify whether people give question
or just statement, it can be decided from the tone of voice. Moreover language
style can be found in choice of the word and grammar  that are used in communication.
In educational institution people may use simple word and grammar in order
their students can understand easier the material being educated, while it is
more complex when language used in advertisement. Language conveyed more
stylistic, for advertisement has several purpose to listener or reader. For
instance the style of advertisement which researcher found in Newsweek magazine
“Global Newsweek offers 12 editions in 190 countries reaching 23 million
reader. This statement is not only content of some information but also has a
purpose to persuade the reader though. From the grammar pattern advertisement
has own style that distinguish with other communication. Even in some cases
advertisements ignore or break the grammar pattern, yet it is inappropriate
when we communicate in formal situation such in office, educational institution
or in ceremonials situation. Using different style in communication gives
different interpretation from the listener. In communication people can not
leave the style because it is integral part of social aspect. As Chaika states
that style is a part of social function interaction which can not go a head if
one does not speak with the right style. It means in communication whether in
written or spoken, language style that we use to convey the message or ideas is
very important to make our utterance effective and understandable by the

(1993:97) states that the numerous of “style” divided into three categories.
There are as follow: first, when the symbol aspect of language (the reference
to reality) is central, style can be seen as a possible form for a specific
content. Second, from the angle of the symptom aspect of expression (from
perspective of writer or speaker) style can be seen as the choice of specific
forms. Third, from the angle of signal aspect of persuasion (the perspective of
the reader or listener), language can be seen as deviation from a given
expression. Crystal and Davy (1969:9-10) divide style into four categories,
Firstly, style may refer to some or all of the language habits of one person as
when we talk about the Shakespeare’s style, or James Joyce’s style, or when we
discuss questions of disputed authorship. Secondly, style may refer to some or
all of the language habits shared by a group of person at one time, or over
period of time. As when we talk about the style of Augustan poets, the style of
old English ‘Heroic poetry’ or style of public speaking. Thirdly, style gave
more restricted meaning when it is used in an evaluative sense, referring to
the effectiveness of a mode of expression. Implicitly, style is defined ad
saying the right thing in the most effective way or as a good manner. And the
last, style refers to literary language. Style has long been associated
primarily or exclusively with literature, as a characteristics of good,
effective, or beautiful writing.

The Element of Style

(1966:60) states that the elements of style consist of three kinds; they are
diction, imagery and syntax.

  2.2.1 Diction

(1993:163) says that the diction signifies the kind of words, phrases, sentence
structure and figurative language that constitutes any works of literature. The
choice of word is very important in all of communication types, more in written

word has several functions, such as, meaning, sound, and aesthetic function. In
addition, the choice of word does not only know the meaning that is expressed
but also it expresses some messages without leaving its aesthetic value. A good
diction related to the word choices has a varieties of meaning to rise and
develop reader’ imagination. 

Kenney (1996:60) states that denotation is the
lexical meaning or the meaning,which is based on the dictionary. We say that
denotation is the same as cognitive meaning, conceptual meaning, and
referential meaning, because it gives some explanations as appropriate meaning
with the result, such as sense of smell, sense of hearing, sense of touch,
eyesight, or other experiences. Chaer (1995:65) said that denotative meaning is
similar as referential meaning because denotative meaning gives an explanation
as a meaning, which is suitable with result of observation. Consequently,
denotative meaning describes the objective information. It is also called
“the real meaning”. 

meaning is a kind of meaning whose responds to emotional value. Connotative has
different meaning with one society to another because it must be convertible
with those society’s views of the life or norms. Chair (1992:92) states that a
word is called connotative meaning if that word has sense of value, either
positive or negative. Furthermore, Soejibto (1992:54) says that connotation is
differentiated in to two types, positive connotation and negative connotation.
Positive connotation has high value of sense; good, polite, smooth, joyful,
sacred, etc. while negative connotation has high value of sense, bad, impolite,
dirty, etc. both of them depend on the language users themselves.

2.2.2 Imagery

(1996:84) says that imagery is the evocation through words of a sensory
experience: imagery is simply the collection of image in the entire work or in
any significant part of the works. Furthermore, Perrine (1984:552) states that
imagery is the representation through language of sense experience. Based on
the variety of figures of speech above, there are three kind of figure of
speech that help on analyzing the language style on this study. They are
hyperbole, metaphor, and personification.

is a figure of speech, which employs exaggeration (Reaske, 1996:34). Keraf
(1881: 135) says that hyperbole is a kind of the figure of speech, which
consists of an exaggerated expression. Exaggeration is the description of what
we see and feel which are followed by emotion.

is figure of speech, which compare a thing to another directly (Reaske, 1996:
36) Parrine (1984: 565) states that metaphor is used as a mean of comparative
thing that is essentially unlike. Moreover Keraf (1994:139) says that metaphor
is a kind of analogy which compares two things directly.

is the process of assigning human characteristic of objects, abstraction or
ideas (Reaska, 1996:39). Parrine (1984:568) states that personification
consists of giving attribute of human being to an animal, an object or concept.
It means that personification is used to compare something nonhuman if it has
human’s characteristics. Consequently, the situation and event are often
comparing a situation or event that has been experienced by human being. In
addition, non-human object is considered as human being. It is used to make
clear the situation or eventual description.


is the way in which the writer constructs (Kenney, 1996:67). Oxford advanced
learners’ dictionary (1996:1212) defined that syntax as the arrangement of word
into phrases of the phrases into sentence. Furthermore Glason (1961:128) says
that syntax may be roughly defined as a principle of arrangement of
construction by the process and derivation and inflection (word) into large
construction of various kinds. As the researcher noted that advertisement
language frequently ignore the grammar structure. For example “Beautiful in its
Simplicity, Inspiring in its Reliability”. This sentence is incorrect because
there is no subject which refers to. This kind of sentence is commonly used in

English Syntax in Advertising can
be identified as follow:

a) More simple sentences

complex sentences It will get better effect to use simple sentences than
compound sentences, because the readers will get bored on reading complex
sentences. Another reason is to reduce the cost of advertising, and effectively
stimulate the consumers.

b) More interrogative sentences and
imperative sentences

imperative sentences have a meaning of claiming, calling and commanding,
similarly the goal of advertising is to persuade and force the consumers to
accept its product or service.

c) Disjunctive Clause

clause is unique for advertising English, which separates a long, complex
sentence into several simple sentences by using full stop, dash, semi-colon,
hyphen, etc. Those sentences are independent in form, but are related in the

d) Minor Clause

clause has simple elements, which could lay stress on the key words. It could
not only reduce the length and cost, but also disseminate information more

More Guth (1975:57-60) argued to
sharp our style in communication the language we use should contain several
points as follow.


advertisement may use the kind of word to encourage, inspire, or to impress the
customer with an idea or product. For example “turkey’s most profitable and
innovative Bank with extensive customer portfolio and 689 branches” using
superlative word “most” is aimed to give an image to the customer that the
product is excellent than other. Superlative is frequently use in advertisement
language because it helpful in giving positive impression to the ideas or
messages conveyed.


are soothing word for harsh facts. In advertisement euphemisms are commonly use
to make a soothing the reader’s hear. For example “your skin seems to be more
shining with the CITRA lotion” the word “shining” is chosen rather than
a “white” because the word “shining” is more artistic and
romantic. In brief, soothing word for harsh fact related with the choice of


is usually used in a certain communication to show vicinity with certain group
of society. In advertisement, jargon also used to shape creativity and to
express the idea of writer, moreover jargon useful to build the high-image of
product. Sometime using jargon as a sensational style in society communication.
In addition the product became famous in society life. For instance, “prest
–O-Lite Battery service” the word “O-lite” is a jargon which is certain group
of society understands or have that language.

2.3  Kind
of Language Style

(1995:435) argued that equally importance about language in advertisement is it
has a creative concept to present a message to the reader or the audience. In
addition, an advertisement as a tool of selling a product it should offer an
object to the society using many style of language to get successful in
business aspect. The style refers to the way in which language is used in a
given context, by given person for a given purpose and so on (1981:10) Wormuth.

sell a product, advertisement has varieties concept or style in presenting its
message, which contributes to the successful of advertisement purpose. The
creative concept of advertisement language brings the idea to life. Since
effective advertisement is build on strategy, it is important to understand how
different strategy effect creative perception of the reader. Wells
(1995:435-140) states that there are several style of advertisement formulas
the message. These include hard sell, soft sell, lecture, drama,
straightforward, factual message, demonstrations, comparison, humor, problem
solution, slice of life, and spokesperson.

1)      Hard

sell is rational informational message that is designed to touch the mind and
to create a response based on logic. The approach of this style is direct and
emphasizes tangible product features, facilities and benefits. Hard-sell
message try to convince the consumer to buy because the product is very good,
better, or best.

Soft sell

sell use an emotional message and it is designed around an image intended to
touch the heard and to create a response based on feeling and attitude. The
message present with subtle, intriguing, and ambiguous illustrates how
advertisement sell moods and dreams more than product feature. Hard sell style
is clearly more persuasive than soft sell.

Lecture and drama

advertising use a combination of two basic literary techniques such as lecture
and drama. Lecture is a serious structured instruction given verbally by a
teacher. A drama is a story or play builds around characters in some situation.
Lectures are a form of direct address. Stylistically, the speaker addresses the
audience from the television or written page. The audience receives the message
“at the distance” the speaker presents evidence (broadly speaking) and employs
such technique as an argument to persuade the audience.

 4) Straightforward

a Straightforward factual message, the advertiser usually conveys information
without using any gimmicks of embellishments. In other word in this style
advertisement convey the messages more rationally rather than emotionally.
Cigarette advertisements that make claims about low tar, For example, are
usually presented in a straightforward manner.

The Demonstration

demonstration style is the way of delivered an ideas or message which is
focused on how to use the product of what it can do for you. The product strengths
take center stage. In demonstration people persuade to believe what has been
said by advertiser. Moreover in presenting the messages the speaker speak
loudly, and enthusiasm as if what has been speak is fact and true. That,
demonstrations can be a very persuasive technique.

The Problem-Solution

problem-solution also known as the product-as-hero technique, the message
begins with some problem and the product is presented as solution to that
problem. This style is common technique which is used y advertiser to make
their product advertised run smoother.

The Slice of Life

slice of life is an elaborate version of a problems-solution message presented
in the form of a little drama. It uses some commonplace situation with “typical
people” talking about the problems. It puts the audience in the position of
overhearing where the problems is stated and resolved.

The Spokesperson

the person to speak on behalf of product is another popular message technique.
Spokesperson and endorsers are believed to build credibility. They are
celebrities we admire, expert we respect, or someone “just like us” who advice
might seek out.


is the way of advertisement conveys the ideas or message by compare certain
product to other product. it contrast two or more products and usually find the
advertisers brand to be superior. The comparison can be direct, in which the
competitor mentioned, or indirect way, which just a reference to other leading
brands. According to Mott (1968:359-360), the language style in advertisement
is classified into five categories, they are

Narrative Style

style is used to show the narrative of product whether explicit or implicit.
Explicit way shows the extraordinary clear. While implicit shows the product
indirectly. The narrative style is very flexible and effective in showing
anything in product. This style used a description of product, information
about user of product before, the quality of product, information of service,
information about facilities (service business).In narrative style, the
advertiser or producer gives explanation about the product or service that
relates to style, quality and facilities that the readers get. To summarize the
narrative style usually explains about superiority of a certain product.

2.The Dramatic Style

style is the style to give information of the way to use the product. This
style use an asking from costumer can express the use of product. The dramatic
style is usually used by the advertiser to introduce the product. Moreover, it
uses introduction of using the product then the reader can use the product

3.The Newsy Style

newsy style is the style used to convince the reader by informing the costumer
that many other costumers also using the product. This style uses statistical
data: the domination of product in the market for a long period of time, the
appreciation from the national or international community.

The Dialogue Style

Dialogue style is the language style uses in advertising using dialogue among
consumers. This kind of style commonly uses a slang or idiom language in order
to get costumers’ attention.

The Humorous Style

humorous style is the advertising style using humorous sense to persuade
consumers. In this case advertiser expresses the language humorously to get
more intimate and friendly with consumers. Based on Mott’ idea above, there are
five kinds of language style in advertisement. They are the narrative style,
dramatic style, newsy style, dialogue style and humorous style.

2.4  Function
of Language Style

to Chaika (1982) the function of language style is to convey social artistic
effects. Furthermore Badiah (1994) argues the function of language style as

1.      To
increase the reader’s taste

language more stylistic can increase the reader’s thought toward what is being
said by the writer or speaker. It will raise the people opinion about what is
being written or said, what are speaker mean, purpose, need, and want.

2.      To
persuade the reader

some case the function of language style in advertisement also can make the
reader sure toward what is being said by the speaker or writer. Commonly, the
speaker or writer asks the reader or listener attractively using rhetorical
language. As the politicians who attract society attention in order to make
them sure and trust with what is being said.

To add the artistic effect of the idea being offered by the writer

 To make the reader impressed to product which
offered, it is very effective for the advertisers convey their ideas with
romantic words, jargon, or with a good diction. In the fact today many group of
society adopt the advertisement language as style in their daily communication.

4. To create certain mood

the function of language style in advertisement consider as a tool to create
certain mood of people. Using stylistic language will increase the reader’s
desire to read. Such it can assert the joke or humor in presenting advertising.

5. To make the writer’s idea

advertiser or copywriter uses daily word in promoting their product to get the
message or purpose of advertisement easier understood by the reader.


(1961:9) defined Advertisement as a tool for selling ideas, good, or services
to a group: it employs paid space or time or uses a vehicle to carry it message
that does not disguise or hide the identity of the advertiser or his
relationship to the sales effort. Furthermore definition wells (1989:11) states
advertisement is paid non-personal communication from an identified sponsor
using mass media to persuade or to influence an audience. In some cases the
point of its message is simple to make consumer aware of the product, it is
also tries to persuade or influence the reader to do some thing.

2.5.1 The Function of

primary function of advertisement is to offer a product or service to the
costumers. It carries out the producer’s want; need and purpose. Advertisement
actually is giving a two-sided mutual impact for both the producer and the
costumer, the producer will automatically gain his/her commercial benefit if
the product use by many people, while the consumer will get adequate
information about any product or service need.

(1961:21) describes the function of advertisement as a tool of selling, as
media of education, as a molder opinion and good will builder.

As tool of selling

producers offer their through advertisement either in television, newspaper
pamphlet, or in magazine. It is primary function of advertisement to introduce
and offer their product with varieties of style in order to get more attractive
and impressive to the reader.

As media of education

media of educator, advertisement teaches the people to adopt the newest and
untried technology quickly. In reality, advertisement always carries out
current information either economic or technological improvement. Furthermore,
advertisement accelerates the application of advance technology in industry,
help reduce accident and contribute to building a better understanding and
appreciation of ideology.

As a molder opinion

importance advertisement as a molder opinion means builds faith in democratic
way of life. It is like the politician who promotes himself using rhetorical
language to make the audience trust on him.

As goodwill builder

the function of advertisement according to Gaw is as goodwill builder. It means
advertisement also assist in maintaining goodwill among the various group
interests that must function in harmony in a democracy. While Whitthier
(1958:48-54) who states that an advertisement is any paid for message that
seeks to motivate someone argued that advertisement should fulfill five
functions as follow;

1. Idea

reading or listening an advertisement might be the first question in our mind
is what the idea of that advertisement is. Advertisement as media of paid
message that seeks to make someone buy a product has to contain of an idea
about what is the purpose of producer or writer.

2. Immediate impact

impact defined as “stopping power’. This is really the power to distract, to
halt minds concerned with other things, to give people greater concern for the
advertising message that appear suddenly. This power to stop people is one of
the most importance functions of an advertisement, for if no body stops to look
or read, the advertisement is a total loss. finally it must be seen before it
can be persuaded.

3. Incessant interest

hold attention, advertisement must maintain interest. It should make a reader
or listener want to know more so long as the advertiser has more to tell. So
the language use should make the readers anxious to know more. As a fact it is
not amazed went we found many advertisement present in complete utterance. This
way is make the reader’s mind predict the next word or utterance. As a result
language use will catch the reader’s attention and interest.

4. Information

information that conveyed has a power to make a reader interested in a product.
This way can assert the competitive word to claim that the product is more
effective than other such as “this television are clear, sharp, modern design,
and excitingly real”.

5. Impulsion

last function of advertisement based on Whittier idea is it should force the
reader or listener’s desire to buy the product advertised. It can use a
hyperbole to convince the costumer. Creative ability to use a language in
different style can build the reader’s desire. Although there are various
advertising objectives targeting consumers, they can be largely generalized
into the following eight areas:

1. To increase brand awareness

2. To improve brand attitude

3. To provide product information

4. To convert product concept

5. To establish public opinion

6. To improve the advertiser’s

7. To inform other promotion

8. To create a new fashion

the above objectives, the external functions of advertising should be examined
considering its impact on our society. ( http / / .magazine / fungsi )

2.5.2 Language of

the writer has been notes, the language in advertisement is different from the
language used in daily life. According to Gaw ideas the different exists
because it has several targets such as tool of selling product, as a media of
education, as a molder opinion, and last as a goodwill builder. Therefore, the
language used in advertisement should be creative, interested, informative, and
persuasive. Creative means that the words used have to illustrate and arrange
with different ways, such as contain of a jargon, hyperbole, personification,
metaphor or good diction. Moreover to be creative advertisement have own style
in producing their message. From the vocabulary advertisement has several
features as follow:

a) The advertisement commonly use
Compound words: these occur as hyphenated words, such as

b) Use of adjectives: adjectives
are used to an unusually high degree, eg. Shining, luxury, elegant, smooth.
Adjectives are important in advertising for they are used to add prestige and desirability
for the consumer.

c) Use of the imperative: often in
advertisements the imperative form of the verb is used, where we are told to do
something, eg. ‘try the…’, ‘see your dealer’, ‘call your State Distributor’.

Use of repetition:
advertisements tend to repeat words or ideas. Something repeated frequently is
more likely to be remembered. Most often it is the brand name of the product,
or some word associated with it.

Slogans: Most
advertisements use a catchphrase or slogan which becomes associated with the
product such: ‘Nike. Just do it’, Always Coca-Cola’ Neologisms: these are newly
made words such as ‘effervescence, ‘mostest’, ‘roll-together’. From the
sentence structure the advertisement used simple, compound, complex, minor, or
incomplete sentence.

a)      Simple
sentences: sentence with either a subject and a verb or a subject, verb and an
object. For example the cat slept on the mat.

b)      Or
in some cases advertisement used compound sentences: two or more simple
sentences joined together by a conjunction (a joining word). For example, the
cat slept and the mouse ate.

c)      Next,
in Complex sentences advertisement have a subordinate clause. For instance, the
cat, which was very old, slept.

d)     Minor
sentences: These are used in advertising because information is put
across to the consumer in a very brief manner. The minor sentence does not have
a verb. Example, A cool mint gel.

e)      Incomplete
sentences are a group of words without a noun. eg. Help!
( of

be interested advertisement language uses a provocative phrase in sentence. It
also contains newest information about technology or economy development, that
the reader want to know more and want to try the good advertised. (Whittier,

2.5.3 Advertising in

said (1995:351-352) Magazine is a valuable medium for reaching many demographic
groups. By their nature, magazine must fill a niche with unique content in
order to satisfy specific group of reader. As a result, they are extremely diverse
in terms of their characteristics, reader, and interaction. In evaluating a
magazine, it is importance for advertisers to examine the full range of
characteristics that distinguish one magazine from all others. First character
of advertising is technology. New technologies has enable magazine distinguish
with other. For example, selecting binding, and jet-image allow publisher to
construct and personalize issue for individual subscriber one signature or
insert at a time. Selective binding combines information on subscribers kept in
a data-base with a computer program to produce a magazine that include special
section for subscriber based on their demographic profiles. Next character is
format. Each magazine categorize uses its own terminology to describe its

2.5.4 The Advantage of
Advertising in Magazine

to Wells (1995:353) states the benefits of magazine advertising include the
ability to reach specialized audience, audience receptivity, a long life,
visual quality, and distribution of sales promotion devices.

a. Target Audience

greatest areas of growth are expected to be a special interest magazine and
special edition of exiting publication. The ability to reach specialized
audience has become a primary advantage.

b. Audience

second advantage of magazine is their high level of audience receptivity. The
editorial environment of magazine lends authority and credibility to the
advertising. Many magazines claim that advertising in their publication gives a
product prestige. Clearly an ad in fortune would impress business audience,
just as ad in seventeen impress teenagers.

c. Long Life Span

have the longest life span of all the media. As a result, people tend to read
magazine at a relatively slow rate, typically over a couple of days. Therefore,
magazine offers an opportunity to use long copy.

d. Visual Quality

visual quality of magazine tends to be excellence because they are printed in
high-quality paper stock that provides superior photo reproduction in both
black and white color. Behind it have visual high-quality also haves creative
concept, a big idea that makes the message distinctive, attention-getting, and

e. Sales Promotion

are an effective media through which to distribute various sales promotion
devices, such as coupons, product samples, and information cards. While, Gaw
(1961:275-277) give an idea that magazine as a medium of an advertising medium
has greatest advantages to offer some product than other media as well. Among
the more outstanding of the advantages of magazine as an advertising medium are

1) Magazine offer the advertiser
good reproduction of his advertisement both in black-and-white and in full

2) It is possible by the proper
selection of magazine to obtain an audience that is especially receptive to a
particular product or service.

3) Magazines are kept about the
home for relative long periods of time, giving the advertiser’s message a long
life than it might enjoy in some other types of medium.



3.1 Research Design

answer the research problems, the descriptive qualitative use to analyze the
language style in Newsweek magazine advertisement. Qualitative research is used
to describe and to analyze the phenomena that usually happen in daily
activities and is not deal with number as a data. In addition, qualitative
research is used as research procedure that the result is contain of spoken,
words or people’s behavior (Moleong 2002:3). This study is classified into a
descriptive qualitative, since the data are in the form of words or utterance.

in (Moeleong, 2002:27-29) states that there are five characteristics of
qualitative approach. First, it has natural setting the direct language data
source and the researcher are the key of instrument. Second, the data obtained
are in the form of word not in statistic one. Third, the processes are more
importance than the result. Forth, the data are analyzed inductively, the
researcher analyze from the general and conclude into specific aspect. Fifth,
qualitative approach is participant perspective; it means the analyzing of
language style in this study using the researcher perceptive.

this research uses a descriptive qualitative method, for the researcher analyze
and interpret language style used in advertisement by Newsweek magazine
published on December, January, February,
May, 11
th, 18th , 25th2015.


3.2  Research

subject of this study is the text expressed by advertisement in Newsweek
on Augustus 11
th, 18th , 25th 2014. The researcher selects all the
kinds of advertisement in Newsweek magazine, for she wants to know the language
style in any kind of advertisement, whether it is commercial or not. Analyzing
language style, the text that found in the advertisement are classified and
further analyzed using theory of language style in advertisement.

3.3  Research

order to get the study more effective and efficient in collecting the data of
language style in Newsweek magazine advertisement, the researcher use the key
or main instrument (the writer). Arikunto (2002:126) said that Human instrument
is the only primary instrument that is possibly used to collect the data
needed. In a similar manner with Lincoln and Guba’s idea (1998:76) that the
concept of human as an instrument to emphasize the unique role that qualitative
research play in their inquiries. In brief, qualitative research studies human
experiences and situation. The researchers here need a flexible instrument to
capture the complexity of the human experience. Lincoln and Guba believed that
only a human instrument was capable of this task. Thereby in analyzing language
style the researcher collects the data from Newsweek magazine advertisement
published on December, January, February,
May, 11
th, 18th , 25th2015

3.4  Research

answer the research problem on this study, the researcher does several steps.
the data
are collected by finding the text expressed

by advertisement in Newsweek magazine
published on December, January, February, May, 11th, 18th , 25th2015.
Second, the researcher identify the words, phrases and sentences used. It is
done to know the part of speech and the diction used which will help the
researcher to classify the language style of advertisement in Newsweek
magazine. Next, the researcher classifying the text expressed by advertisement
in Newsweek magazine based on Wells and Mott’s theory of language style; both
of them complete each other. After classifying is the language style of each
advertisement the researcher identify the most dominant language style used by
Newsweek magazine advertisement. To make the data reliable and easily
understandable, the researcher present the table of language style
classification found in Newsweek magazine.

3.5  Data

collecting the data completely from the Newsweek magazine advertisement
published on December, January, February,
May, 11
th, 18th , 25th2015, several steps will be done by the
researcher to analyze the data. First, the researcher begins to classify the
text expressed by advertisement in Newsweek magazine based on Wells’s theory of
language style. Either it is include into 1) hard sell, 2)soft sell, 3)drama
and lecture style, 4)straightforward, 5) demonstration, 6) problem-solution, 7)
slice of life 8) spokesperson style, or 9) corporation style. Again the
researcher also use Mott’ theory of language style in advertisement. This way
is done to complete each other.

classifying the language style of each advertisement, the researcher
identifying the most dominant language style that find in Newsweek magazine
advertisement. In addition, the researcher makes a table to conclude what are
the most dominant style find in the Newsweek magazine advertisement.



This chapter presents research findings of language style in

magazine advertisement.
The chapter is divided into two sections, the first one is data
and the second one is data finding.

4.1. Data

1. From departure to
arrival, witness the creation of your own private room. Excellence in space
equipped with personal AVOD and 180 reclining Kosmos sleeper seat, we have done
justice to flying by providing so private, it becomes your own.
th2015 ,
Korean Air 2015)

The advertisement of Korean Air is categorized into soft sell
style. As the researcher has noted that Wells defined soft sell style as a
style of advertisement conveying a message emotionally, which is intended to
touch the heard of reader and to create a response based on feeling and
attitude. The statement that refers to how the advertisement sells moods and
dreams of the product is known from the following utterance “witnesses the
creation of your own private room. Excellence in space equipped with personal
AVOD and 180 reclining Kosmo sleeper seat”.
It Indicates that advertiser
gives a promise to the customer about the quality of product. Consequently, the
reader is interested in the service and the product.

2. One of mankind’s
biggest challenges is to make our world in a way that sustains everything that
is wonderful about this planet. To do so will take a special kind of skill.
Some call it engineering. We call it creative problem solving. Real energy
solutions for the real world.
February 11th, The Engine, 2015)

The advertisement above conveys an idea or message by presenting
some solution of what have to do by someone. The sentence “Real energy
solution for the real world”
shows the product as the hero and best
solution of the problem which is happened in the world. In addition, the Engine
advertisement classified as a problem-solution style, for the language style
illustrated a message by offering some solution.

3. Imagine
the convenience of 2 phones in one

Designed for generation of multi-takers, here’s one phone that
does the

job of 2
effortlessly. The Samsung D880 keeps 2 GSM SIM connections “ON” simultaneously.
So even if you maintain separate numbers of your professional and personal
lives, or travel between places of varying coverage, you are never out of
touch. Plus, picture the savings when you work the perks of 2 mobile plants to
your advantage. With Samsung Dual Standby, it’s not that hard to imagine.
(May, 11th,
Samsung, 2015)

The utterance of Samsung advertisement is classified into hard
sell style and soft sell style, for the advertisers do not only convey their
ideas by presenting the feature or benefit of the product but also they convey
the message using emotional information. Using hard sell style can catch the
reader’s belief and market desire. Moreover, it informs the newest innovation
about the product. The utterance “here’s one phone that does the job of 2
effortlessly. The Samsung D880 keeps 2 GSM SIM connections “ON” simultaneously”
indicate that the advertiser inform the product feature and inspire the
reader’s desire by informing the superiority of product. In other word, the
choice of word “simultaneously” forces the reader’s feeling. This way is very
effective to persuade the reader’s market desire, Moreover, Abraham Maslow’s
states that the basic characteristic of human is the need of satisfaction. It
means that every humans want tend to be satisfied in everything their need.

leading innovation

Toshiba recommended Windows Vista® Business Ultra-slim,
ultra-light, ultra-loaded. Toshiba portage R500 Leave it to Toshiba to redefine
true mobile in notebook computing for the executive…yet again. The new portage
R500 is practically a paradox in notebook engineering-full loaded power-user
features in an astonishing 19.5mm super-slim, 979g durable body, plus up to
12.5 hours of battery performance, making it the slimmest and longest
performing computer in its class. For on-the-go-mobilelity, style and extreme
productivity, the portage R500 is as much a wonder to look at as a marvel to
(May 5th, Toshiba, 2015)

The essential purpose of advertisement is to persuade the readers
or customers. It is natural when advertisement languages often manipulate their
ideas with persuasive language or they exaggerate the product more than their
feature. Some advertisements combine two or more styles to get the product
sells off in the market business such as the Toshiba advertisement. The Toshiba
advertisement use both hard and soft sells style. Because it does not only
inform the product feature rationally but also present the message with
euphemism language or persuasive language. In other word, superlative word is
often used in this advertisement. The rational message is expressed as in the
following statement “The new portage R500 is practically a paradox in
notebook engineering-full loaded power-user features in an astonishing 19.5mm
super-slim, 979g durable body, plus up to 12.5 hours of battery performance”.
advertisement informs the product based on the real feature, for it forces the
reader to think about the product in term of the prospect and benefit. Moreover
to make the reader more interested, the soft sell style emphasizing superlative
word also used by this advertisement. For instance, the following the utterance
ultra-slim, ultra-light, ultra-loaded.

This utterance is considered as ambiguous ideas, because the
readers do not know truly what is the real meaning of ultra-slim, ultra-light,
and ultra-loaded. In brief, it is understandable that the Toshiba advertisement
conveys its ideas with rational information and dramatic information.

5. Company
Formations. Offshore and worldwide. Anglo International Group. The first-class
professionals. Free initial consultation. A confidential, personal service Tel:
++44 (0) 1884 251370. Fax: ++44 (0) 251422 Email:
[email protected]. Website: www (January, 15th, Business Opportunity, 2015)

Introduction the product some advertisement convey the message in
brief information. It is done to make the reader is anxious to the product.
Sometime this style is effective to encourage the reader to know more about the
product. Moreover, it also arranges the message with simple sentence and does
not force the reader with intriguing language. Finally, the advertisement of
company formation uses straightforward style to address its message.

6. Offshore
Companies. Ready made companies. Full corporate administration. Trade services
(L/C. shipping). Banking/Accounting service. Contact Stella ho for immediate
service & company brochure. NACS LTD. Suite 1505 6, Albion Plaza 2-6
Granville road, T.S.T.kowloon, Hong Kong Email:
[email protected].
Tel: (852) 2724 1223. Fax: (852) 2722 4373.
(January, 15th, Business Opportunity, 2015)

Stylistically, the advertiser of offshore companies addresses the
reader some information briefly. In other word, the language style which is
used to convey the ideas is needlessly long sentence. The language style of
this advertisement is mostly similar with style of advertisement of company
formation. In presenting its message, the offshore company does not give any
superlative word and does not offer a dream that will impress the reader’s
mind. In addition, the message convey by advertisement above based on the
reality of product feature. Thereby, the language style of this advertisement
is classified into straightforward style. Wells defined straightforward style
as the way of advertisement conveying information or ideas without using any
gimmick of embellishment.(1995:432-140).

7. IQS (I
Quit Smoking) Franchising Network. Start your own business! Minimum Investment
Great Return!. Quit Smoking International. Ltd. Now offers for suitable
applicants exclusive franchises “WORLDWIDE” Quit smoking therapy successfully
tested in Europe and USA. Up to 90% success rate. Contact: Ph.: + 353 51 67707.
(January, 15th,
Business Opportunity, 2015)

To inspire the reader’s market desire, it is common for using
advertisement a superlative word to get positive response from the reader in
advertisement, such as the advertiser claims that the product is excellent,
more satisfied or the best than others. The advertisement of IQS conveys its
message by showing that the product or service is excellent.

Persuading the reader with subtle ways is selected by this
advertisement. In brief, the advertisers address their ideas using emotional
approach or soft sell style. Soft sell style in this advertisement can be
identified from the utterance that expresses, for instance Minimum
Investment Great Return,
and, Up to 90% success rate .The statement
inspire the reader with the great quality of product.

8. Start
your own business as an energy management consultant UK manufacturer
technologies proven to significantly reduce energy consumption in commerce &
industry. Seeks overseas distributors. Tel: 144 (0) 1872 223000. For further information
(January, 15th, Business Opportunity, 2015)

The advertisement of Energy Efficiency Business conveys its
message by the way of problem-solution style. It is known from the utterance of
UK manufacturer technologies proven to significantly reduce energy
consumption in commerce & industry”
this statement indicate that
advertiser offer best solution to the reader by promoting the product which
significantly reduces energy consumption in commerce and industry.

Probably before this product many people use plenty of energy in
their industry. To overcome this problem, this product offer the best solution.
The problem-solution style is selected to make the product is successful in
marketing level, for the reader think that the product helps their problem.

9. Authors

Please Submit: A synopsis plus sample chapters (3) for
consideration. Olympia Publisher. www. 60 cannon street,
London, EC4N 6NP.
th , Business Opportunity, 2015).

The advertisement above begins to convey the message with
imperative sentence. It is known from the utterance “please submit”. It is also
delivered the message with brief information without any dramatic and gimmicks
of embellishments language. In brief, advertisement above uses straightforward
style. The advertisement just informs what have to done by applicant without
giving dramatic statement of product. This ways very effective to make the
reader believe to what being said, for people think that the advertisement does
not exaggerate the message is more reliable and serious.

10. Writer
or Journalist?

Distance learning diploma courses in freelance and news
journalism, short story writing, poetry and business English. Free prospectus:
London school of journalism. Fax: (44) 20 7706 3780. [email protected],org. 1920 2015.

London school of journalism advertisement transmits its ideas
using both problem-solution and hard sell style. The utterance “writer or
journalism?” indicate that the advertisement offers some solution for people
who really interested in journalistic. In a like manner, the advertisement also
presents the ideas by the way of hard sell style.

11. Love,
Italian style

Sweet Valentine. There is no time like valentine’s day for a
full-immersion chocolate experience. And for couples in love, there is no
better place to indulge that Perugia, the Italian city seeking to earn the
mantle of chocolate capital of the world. It is impossible to go more.
(February, 11th,Chocolate, 2015)

The advertisement of chocolate illustrates its message by using
soft sell style, for it exaggerate the product more than its feature. In other
words, the message is presented with subtle ways and full of romantic. Such as
in the following utterance “There is no time like valentine’s day for a
full-immersion chocolate experience”.
Soft sell style is believed as the
most effective way inspiring and impressing the reader’ thought. Holtz
(1983:10) states that one of human’s character is impulsive or easy to be
persuaded without the ability to think for themselves. In brief, the utterance
of “There is no time like valentine’s day for a full-immersion chocolate
intended to touch the heart and to create the response based on
feeling of the reader.

12. The
maximalist anyone can give diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day.

But what about diamond earphone? Norwegian jeweler Thomas
Heyerdahl has created the diamond ear, hewn from 18-karat white and rose gold
and encrusted with 206 brilliant cut diamond about 1.62 carats’ worth. One
thousand numbered pairs are being manufactured and sold for $6,400 apiece too
bad a matching iPod is not included (
(February,11th, Diamond Earphone, 2015)

The advertisement above conveys its ideas by the way of hard sell
and newsy style. Based on Well’s theory that hard sell is rational information
message that is designed to touch the reader’s mind and to create response
based on logic. Moreover, it emphasizes to mention the feature, benefit and
facilities of product. Mott gives definition of his theory about newsy style.
The newsy style is the way to convince the reader by informing the customer
that many people use the product. In fact, the advertisement of Diamond Earphone
informs the feature and benefit of product. Rational information is know in the
following utterance “Norwegian jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl has created the
diamond ear, hewn from 18-karat white and rose gold and encrusted with 206
brilliant cut diamond about 1.62 carats’ worth”.

From this utterance, the researcher does not find any persuasive
statement that inspire to the emotional sense. In addition, this advertisement
just inform base on the real product feature without using any superlative or
adjective word. Moreover, to make the reader trust to the product, it presents
the data of sell, such as the following utterance“. One thousand numbered
pairs are being manufactured and sold for $6,400 apiece”.

13. Lorena
Ochoa is Mexico’s greatest hope in professional golf.

Despite her youth, she’s already one of the biggest stars on the
LPGA tour, and a national icon in her country. Her achievements on the golf
course are only eclipsed by her ability to inspire the dreams of million. As
she continues to perfect her game in the coming years, there is no doubt her
popularity is only destined to grow.
(February, 18th , Rolex, 2015)

To narrate the ideas, the Rolex advertisement uses the newsy
style. The advertisement conveys its ideas by comparing the product to human
characteristic. The advertisers compare directly the quality of product with
Lorena Ocha’s skill. In other word, the advertisement states that the quality
of product is same as Lorena Ocha’s proficiency.

14. The
first airline to fly the a380 brings you business in a new light

Experience the Singapore airlines new business class, the most
spacious the world has ever seen. The premium seat unfolds to reveal the
largest ever full flat bed; offering you plenty of room to stretch out and
enjoy a rejuvenating night’s rest. Unrivaled space and direct access to the
aisle arte signatures of our innovative seat. With these unique feature, and
the in-flight service even either talk about, the Singapore airlines A380 will
change the way you view flying forever, for more details, visit Singapore airlines a great way to fly.
(February, 18th , Singapore Airlines, 2015)

The advertisement of Singapore airlines is classified into soft
sell style. To convey the message it illustrates the language to be more
persuasive, because it sell mood and dreams more than product’s feature. Soft
sell style can be known from the following utterance “Experience the
Singapore airlines new business class, the most spacious the world has ever
the statement “the most spacious in the word has ever seen” indicated
the exaggerated statement. Moreover, it also contain of too many adjective and
superlative word which refers to subjective view, such as the utterance “the
largest ever full-flat bed”
and “new flat”. This ways is used to
inspire the reader’s desire although those statements are mostly untrue.

Consequently, the language of this advertisement has a
high-intriguing statement that people are interested to enjoy the service. It
is true what has been said by Whiter that one of advertisement function is
impulsively human’s desire (1955:).

15. It
takes a real innovation to persuade your customers to empty out a boutique.

Now you can persuade customers to enter an empty boutique and
clean out the shelves, thanks to NEC’s innovative Digital Signage solution.
Designed to provide information to the right people, in the right place, at the
right time, our Digital signature solution is ideally suited for retail
outlets, shopping malls, airports, hotels, museums and more. You can create
highly effective marketing communications that lead to reduced costs and higher
return. Technological innovations like these have made us a global leader in IT
and networking integrated solution, and your reliable business partner. No
matter which business you are in, you can be sure of one thing. NEC empowers
you through innovation. .
18th , Digital Signature Solution, 2015)

The advertisement above illustrates the message by giving
emotional information; in addition, soft sell style is selected by Digital
Signature Solution as a medium of presenting its ideas. The utterance
“designed to provide information to the right people, in the right place, at
the right time”
indicated the ambiguity of message, because the reader will
think who the right people is, what the right place is and when the right time
is. The ambiguity of the message is useful to increase the reader’s interest,
because people are forced to know more.

16. A
global commitment to environmental awareness.

With powerfully moving photos. Olympus digital imaging technology
supports efforts to raise awareness of climate change. We may be famous for our
camera, but not many people know the image they capture are being used to alert
the world to the consequences of climate change. to find out more, visit well

photographer Mitsuaki Iwagos’s Global warming witness at
olypus oppto-digital technology solution. Bringing new benefits to medicine,
science, industry…and life.
18th, Olympus, 2015).

The Olympus advertisement classified as a straightforward style.
As it conveys information about the product without using any gimmicks of
embellishment. In other word, the idea or message is presented naturally and
does not exaggerate the product more that its feature.

Napoleon Bonaparte, from 1798, a client off Breguest’s.
(February, 18th, Brequet, 2015).

According to Mott’s theory, one of language style in advertisement
is newsy style, which convinces the reader about the quality of product by
giving the other consumer’s experience. Commonly this kind of style uses a
famous people or artist to be its model. To sum up, Brequest advertisement uses
a newsy style, because it uses a Napoleon Bonaparte as the model of product.

One-flat rate across Asia pacific.

Enjoy as much as 90% saving on data roaming and 10 times more
usage. How you can roam freely with Bridge DataRoam15 at USD30 for 15MB or
Bridge DataRoam40 at USD60 for 40MB. Contact your local Bridge alliance member
operator for more information today.
(February, 25th,Bridge Data roam, 2015).

The language which is used by this advertisement is simple and
understandable for the reader. It inform the reader about the product based on
the real feature of product, it does not exaggerate that the product is
excellent and better than other product. Moreover, the message is not use any
gimmick of embellishment. Thereby, the advertisement of Bridge Data roam is
classified into a straightforward style. Wells said that straightforward style
is the way of advertisement to convey the message or ideas without using any
gimmicks of embellishments. In other word the advertisement just gives brief
information and does not force the reader with superlative and euphemism word.

Delicate care.

Enjoy high-grade services dedicated for you in Vietnam Airlines
business class and receive delicate care from our cabin attendant through-out
your flight.
www.vietnamairlines.comvn. (January, 5th, Vietnam

The Vietnam Airlines advertisement presents its ideas with
intriguing language. It is know from the word which is expressed such as
“high-grade” and “delicate care”. Those indicate that advertisement offers the
product using emotional approach. In other word, the advertisement impresses
the reader with persuasive language which is done by giving dreams or promises
of safety, pleasure and satisfaction of product. Indeed, The Vietnam Airlines
advertisement uses a soft sell as style to convey its message.

20. The
convenience of 2 phones in one

You have got one mobile number for acquaintances. And another set
of digit for other to call. If you are familiar with the ideas of toting around
2 devices to stay in touch. You will love the Samsung 0880. now, one phone is
call you will need. With dual standby, this versatile slider keeps 2 GSM
connections “ON” simultaneously. So whether you are a mobile warrior doesn’t
compromise on business and pleasure, or a frequent traveler, the D880 deliver
an elegant solution for all your communication…….,.
(May, 15th, Samsung, 2015).

Encouraging many people to buy the product, several ways are done
by advertiser of Samsung. The advertisers convey their ideas do not only
introducing the feature, benefit and facilities of product but also persuade
the reader by the way illustrating the message emotionally. In other way it
inspires the reader’ taste by using too many adjectives word. In brief the hard
sell style and soft sell style use by Samsung. Soft sell style is selected to
build new customer’s perspective about the product. As a result, the customers
are encouraged to buy the product. The statement “you will love the Samsung
indicates that advertiser claim the product is appropriate and

Turkey’s most profitable and innovative bank with an extensive customer
portfolio and 689 branches. .
10th, Akbank, 2014).

Alkabank advertisement delivered an idea using emotional
information, soft sell style is selected to inspire the reader’s interest. In
this way, the advertiser uses a superlative word to create positive perspective
of product. Soft sell style is expressed such as in the following utterance “Turkey’s
most profitable and innovative
”. This sentence is expressed to show the
superiority of product. Moreover, to make the reader believe on the product,
advertiser gives the statistical data such as the achievement of product for
along period of time. Statistical data found in this advertisement such as in
the following utterance “extensive customer portfolio and 689 Branches”. This
kind of style is expressed to prove that the product is really better than

22. Weaving
the sky. Advantages with a new modern air fleet in a boundless network, Vietnam
Airlines can bring you to anywhere in the world conveniently. Fly with us to
Vietnam and other countries, your trip will be smoother than ever.
(February, 25th, Vietnam Airlines, 2015).

To sell the product or service, advertisement has varieties of
concept or style in presenting its message either by rational information or
emotional information. Anyhow, the primary purpose of advertisement is to
persuade the reader or consumer to be interested to the product or service.
Similarly, the advertisement of Vietnam Airlines uses soft sell style and
comparison style to narrate its ideas or purposes. Soft sell style in this
advertisement can be identified by the utterance which is expressed such as “Advantages
with a new modern air fleet in a boundless network”.

This statement attempts to persuade the readers with the ambiguous
message, for the advertiser does not explain clearly the intended of “boundless
Moreover, the advertisement above also gives statement which can
be arouse the reader’s desire. Such as the utterance “Vietnam Airlines can
bring you to anywhere in the world conveniently”
this statement indicates
that the producer of Vietnam airlines promises the enjoyable and satisfaction
of service. Furthermore, it also compares the service with others. Such in the
following utterance “ your trip will be smoother than ever” the
statement smoother than ever indicate than the service is better that other
service. To summarize the advertisement of Vietnam Airlines classified into
soft sell style and comparison style.

23. Your
trusted heart care provider

Regional referral center for cardiovascular disease Largest heart
specialists group in Singapore who are highly skilled and have extensive
postgraduate qualifications One-stop center offering comprehensive services
with various cardiac subspecialties and supporting services. Treats complex
cases and sees the highest volume of patients in Singapore. First heart centre
outside USA and in Asia to be JCI-accredited, an assurance of safe and quality
patient care for our patients.
National Heart Center Singapore, 2015).

The advertisement of National Heart Center Singapore is classified
into hard sell style, for it narrates the service with rational information.
Moreover, it does not exaggerate the service more than its feature. It is
classified into hard sell style, because the researcher does not find the
ambiguous message. It tries to persuade the reader by giving complete
explanation about the facilities, feature and benefit of service without
camouflaging the message. For instance the utterances of “Largest heart
specialists group in Singapore who are highly skilled and have extensive
postgraduate qualifications”
indicate that the service does not sell dream
sand tell as it, for it has inform clearly the quality of service.

24. Strong
traditions and latest innovations

The international school of Brussels (ISB) was established in
1951. today, with 1450 students aged 2 up to 19 from 70 nationalities, it
remains the oldest and largest English-language international school in
Belgium. We are deeply committed to the strong tradition of excellence that
have always characterized our school. However, we also recognize that
appropriate use of latest technology environment for all our student. To find
out more about ISB’s teaching and learning through technology project,
including its commitment to online learning, the development of a wireless
campus and 1-to- 7 access to mobile technology, visit:
(February, 25th, The International School of Brussels, 2015).

The advertisement above persuades the reader by the way of hard
sell style, in other ward, it emphasize the logic information. In the first
way, it informs the feature of service by showing the statistical data.
Furthermore, it also informs clearly the facilities of service which is
conveyed by the following utterance “We are deeply committed to the strong
tradition of excellence that has always characterized our school. However, we
also recognize that appropriate use of latest technology environment for our
this statement indicates that strong tradition of excellence and
latest technology are the characters of school. Obviously, the message of this
advertisement is not ambiguous that the readers will think rationally.

25. When we
develop a new fuel we don’t just apply chemistry and engineering, but also a
special kind of creative thinking. Because, to create something different, you
need to start somewhere different. In this case, starting with cleaner natural
gas and turning it into liquid fuel. The result? GTL fuel-a fuel that typically
produces between 26% and 40% less sooty emissions in tasted cars. Real energy
solutions for real world.
10th, GTL Fuel, 2014). The GTL fuel advertisement conveys the ideas by
offering some solution to the reader. To crate the new perspective of the
reader it presents the statement by asking the reader to do something. Such as
in the following utterance “Because, to create something different, you need
to start somewhere different”

Next, in the second statement it offers some solution. The
solution is conveyed through following utterance “In this case, starting
with cleaner natural gas and turning it into liquid fuel”
. Briefly, The GTL
fuel advertisement is classified into problem-solution style.

After analyzing the data of language style in Newsweek magazine
advertisement the researcher begin to answer the second research problem of
this study which is formulated as following question, what is the most dominant
language style in Newsweek magazine advertisement?

Advertisement as a tool of selling a product and service, obviously,
the success of its depends on how big impact of message that it convey.
Thereby, the advertisement language must be appropriate at creating beautiful
image by means of creative language expressions. It is true that language has
great power to change human’s behavior, thought, and lifestyle, because it
always emphasizes certain actual information which is arranged with different
style of language. Based on Wells’s theory, the language style of advertisement
classifies into nine types. First, hard sell style conveys the message with
rational information and emphasizes tangible product feature, benefit and
facilities. Second, hard sell style that use emotional information intends to
create a response based on feeling and attitude. Third, lecture and drama style
is a style of advertisement to convey ideas by the way of dialogue between
producer and consumer. Fourth, straightforward style conveys information or
message without using any gimmicks of embellishment. Fifth, demonstration style
is the way of delivering an idea which focus on how to use a product and what
it can do for the consumer. Sixth, problem solution is the way to illustrates
message or ideas by offering some solution. Seventh, slice of life which
presents the message in the form of little drama. Eight, spokesperson style
which uses the person to speak on behalf of product. Last, is comparison style.

Comparison is the way of advertisement conveys the ideas or
message by

comparing certain
product to other products. On the whole, the researcher find many kinds of
language style that is used by Newsweek magazine advertisement. There are hard
sell style, soft sell style, straightforward style, demonstration, problem
solution, and comparison style. However, analyzing language style of Newsweek Magazine
Advertisement which published on December, January, February, May 11
18th, 25th 2015 the researcher finds the most style which is used in
advertisement of Newsweek, they are hard sell style soft sell style. The
researcher finds hard sell style for about 40% and soft sell style 30%. Hard
sell style is used as media of selling product which emphasize the information
of product based on logic information is believed as effective technique to
make reader trust on the product.

Moreover, soft sell
style also the most style which is used by advertisement in Newsweek magazine.

According to Holtz (1983:1-3), is one of persuasive writing having
big power to change the human’s mind and life style. Consequently,
advertisement does not only contain some information but it should give
immediate impact to the reader. Thereby, Newsweek magazine advertisement
conveys its message with emotional information. Emotional information is the
way inspires the reader with subtle, ambiguous or persuasive message. In other
ways, it claims that the product is better than other or it exaggerates the
product more that it features. In brief, the most language style find in
Newsweek magazine advertisement is hard sell and soft sell style.

4.2. Data

As the researcher has noted that the most dominant language style
in advertisement of Newsweek magazine is hard sell and soft sell style.
Analyzing language style the researcher uses well’s theory which is classified
language style in advertisement as follow: hard sell style, soft sell style,
straightforward style, demonstration style, problem-solution style, slice of
life style, spokesperson style and comparison style. Classifying language style
based on Well’s theory the researcher identifies the utterance each of them.
The language style refers to all differences among varieties of language,
pronunciation, word usage, and syntax.

addition, hard sell is the most dominant style found in Newsweek magazine
advertisement. Persuade the reader by rational information is effective,
because many people nowadays tend to think rationally. However, the second
dominant language style found in Newsweek magazine advertisement is soft sell
style. It is possible for advertisement frequently use superlative or too many
adjective in conveying its ideas, for the primary purpose of advertisement is
to impress the reader’s mind. In same cases south of them come together.



5.1. Conclusion

study was conducted to find the language style in Newsweek magazine
advertisement, published on December, January, February, May 11
th, 18th, 25th
2015. The conclusion of this study can be formulated based on the research
question. The researcher uses the Well’s theory as main theory. Furthermore,
the researcher also uses Mott as second theory. This way is done to complete
each other although one of their theory has some definition. According to Wells
there are nine language styles of advertisement to convey the message or ideas.
They are hard sell style, soft sell style, lecture and drama style,
straightforward style, demonstration style, slice of life, problem-solution,
and spokesperson style. Based on Mott’s theory there are five styles of
advertisement in presenting the message. They are narrative style, dramatic
style, newsy style, dialogue style, and the last humorous style.

as the way in which language is used in certain context, certain purpose, and
certain person or media make the advertisement conveys the message in varieties
way, for each of advertisement has different purposes to the reader. In
addition, the researcher finds varieties of language style which is used by
Newsweek magazine advertisement.

Obviously, the advertisement as a media
of selling a product still convey the message by the way giving emotional
information or illustrates the message by selling moods and dreams more than
product feature. It is found in some of Newsweek magazine advertisements, such
as in the Korean Air advertisement. Giving emotional information can be known
in the following text “witnesses the creation of your own private room.
Excellence in space equipped with personal AVOD and 180 reclining Cosmos
sleeper seat”.
It Indicates some promise to the customer that the product
is satisfied and excellent. It means that conveying the message with persuasive
language commonly used in advertisement especially in Newsweek magazine.
Emotional information contain of too many adjective, superlative, euphemism
that exaggerate the product more than it feature.

language style in Newsweek magazine advertisement, the researcher gets several
significant improvement and knowledge. The most significant contribution that
the researcher gets from this study is she can improve the ability in creating
an attractive and creative writing especially in advertisement field. Moreover,
the extremely importance for the researcher is she can select the appropriate
language style in certain context, certain purpose, and certain person or media

5.2 Suggestion

on the finding of this research, it is recommended to the readers to determine
what kinds of language style used in certain purpose, topic and background, for
using style in communication depend on those three characteristic. Moreover, In
order to have a good comprehension understanding of language style in
advertisement reading the whole contain of this study is extremely important.
It is also recommended for the next researchers who are interested in doing
further research in this area to use these finding as a starting point in
conducting the research. Using the some theory (Wells’ theory of language style
in advertisement) the researcher suggest to the next researchers analyze another
elements, such the power of language style of advertisement, the function of
language style in advertisement, or the study of diction in advertisement.



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